Rock Climbing Harness: Things to Know about it

chest rock climbing harness

When engaging in dangerous actions like rock climbing, then you cannot afford to depart behind security equipment. This is where a rock climbing harness comes in. When going for this kind of sports activities, you can’t assist guarding yourself and taking precaution against the hazards that you simply are susceptible to be faced with.

The harness is a gear that is a should for you for your sake of supporting your legs as you do the mounting. This is because it has adjustable leg loops that are durable too. It is powerful enough to be used in extreme rock and climate conditions. It comes in a number of varieties that are mentioned below briefly.

Your rock climbing harness is an essential piece of your rock climbing equipment. Your harness secures you to an individual, a piece of rope or some other type of anchor. An easy harness can be constructed from a length of rope that ties around the waist and is connected to the rope usually with a carabiner.

A more complicated harness is designed to give the rock climber greater safety and comfort and provides you with more ways to carry your other gear. A rock climber should never attempt a new or difficult route without first putting on their rock climbing harness.

What are the parts of climbing harness?

A sit rock climbing harness is made up of a waist belt and two leg loops. These are usually connected to the front of your hips through a belay loop or by using a carabiner. These kinds of harnesses are used generally for recreational use for actions like abseiling or rock climbing. You can remain secure and nonetheless have a wide range of motion when you use this type of harness.

A chest rock climbing harness is worn about your shoulders. You generally use a chest harness having a sit harness to offer an extra attachment point that is greater up on your body. This can be valuable because it allows you to balance much better whenever you are carrying a heavy backpack. It is also helpful if something ought to happen to the climber and they can’t maintain an upright position.


A full body rock climbing harness is generally used in a rescue situation or for industrial function. It is a combination of a sit harness and a chest harness. They often have a large and extensive range of attachment factors to allow for the secure placement in many positions.

Rock Climbing Harness Care and Maintenance

Climbing harness gives you support and security, thus you need to maintain the high performance of the gear by caring and sustaining its high quality. Here are some tips to care and maintain Climbing Harnesses:

See to it that your climbing harnesses don’t show indicators of put on and tear. Prevent harm by checking for abrasions and signs of deterioration. Wash with water and mild detergent only, and steer clear of using or get in touch with harsh chemical substances.